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  EnviroBuilt System Components

Insulated Precast Concrete Walls

Precast Walls are used for internal & external walls. Precast Insulated Wall Systems are mostly used in Commercial and Residential Construction, The solution can be considered as being industrialized from of cast in-place walls or classical brick or block masonry walls. The precast walls can be load bearing or only partition walls. Precast walls offer the advantage of speed of construction, smooth surface finishing, acoustic insulation, also water, wind & fire resistance.     

 The EnviroBuilt Insulated Wall System brings the strength and Energy Efficiency of a superior wall foundation to your building applications. )Our Precast concrete insulated wall panels are specifically designed for use above grade, and when used in conjunction with our foundation panels, are part of a complete wall system building solution.

Whereas conventional wall construction with block and wood framing can take weeks, the EnviroBuilt Systems INSULATED Walls can be installed in just hours. The Insulated Wall Panels are Pre-Engineered and Custom manufactured off-site and delivered directly to your jobsite for installation right on time.

 Precast Floor Shelf

  • The principle advantages of Precast Floor Shelf are speed of construction.
  • Absence of scaffolding, large variety of types, large span capacity, & economy.
  • Totally Precast Floor Shelf are composed of a concrete shelf and wood to fasten the truss, which are totally cast at the plant.

 Precast Concrete Frame

  • Precast Concrete Frames involve an entire structure being fabricated off-site.
  • Structural Components can be supplied for incorporation into a structure on-site.
  • Frames can simultaneously achieve both structural and decorative design requirements in a wide variety  of mixes, colors and finishes.
  • Architecturally-finished precast structures can be left exposed to exploit concrete’s high thermal capacity in a building’s “green” energy management system.

   The Process

  • Precast Concrete Frames are cast in the same way as precast concrete cladding, but as they are designed as structural elements that have heavier reinforcement than is required for non-structural cladding.
  • Elegant Connections are required between columns and beams to transfer considerable forces without adversely affecting the visual appearance of the frame.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Frames

  • Enable 60% Faster Build Times -not affected by weather or labor shortages.
  • Improve Build Ability– structure is fabricated off- site for rapid erection on-site
  • Produces a High Standard of Workmanship in Factory Conditions – reduces potential for accidents and addresses on-site skill shortage.
  • Has a High Quality Finish that can be left exposed – concrete’s thermal properties can be exploited in low-energy buildings.

Enviro Coating System


EnviroBuilt Systems Outside Wall Coatings called Enviro-Crete provides a protective weathering membrane in a pre-colored, durable, fade and mildew resistant concrete based elastic coating. The highest levels of Acrylic Polymers ensure un-matched resistance to surface cracking unlike standard finishes.

An unlimited selection of 80 plus colors in many distinct aggregate choices create a wide variety of texture opportunities from the heaviest southwest Mornco to the more contemporary sand finish.

  • Is a water-based material – easy clean up while wet with soap and water.
  • Is safe, similar to water base latex paint.
  • Is class “A” fire rated – will not propagate flame / fire.
  • Is comprised of “100% Acrylic” polymer – best exterior performance.
  • Is manufactured in the United States of America.
  • Is easy to apply by trowel, or appropriate spray equipment.
  • Is available in twenty (20) standard colors; over 80 generated special colors.
  • Uses include renovation, repair and new construction.
  • Wash ability – Cured Enviro-Crete can be cleaned with hot water and soap or pressure washing.
  • Is chemical resistant against mineral spirits, paint thinner, muriatic acid, etc…
  • Can be painted with any exterior acrylic latex paint or at a later point in time to change the color. Designs can also be painted over Enviro-Crete after drying.
  • An application applies to most common concrete construction surfaces.
  • Provides a noise reduction coefficient, reducing decibel levels when applied to interior walls including restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, etc..
  • Makes heavy maintenance a thing of the past – Wash walls with appropriate power washer or by hand as required.
  • Has outstanding color consistency & color retention and is never-fade.
  • Is competitively priced to common coatings that cannot perform the same way.
  • Has unlimited textures opportunities in many different sized aggregate choices.
  • Maintains outstanding quality control and consistency in Enviro-Crete production.
  • Is Building Code Compliant?
  • Is a breathable membrane-10-20 perms average (H2O vapor transmission)
  • Can be either field applied or prefabricated (panelized).
  • Dries in 4-6 hours, complete cure in approximately 1 week.
  • Provides outstanding hiding power against shadowing from substrate below.
  • Has outstanding resistance to Environmental Impact: freeze & thaw cycles, wind driven rain, abrasion & chemical resistance, color retention, UV radiation.
  • Finish- resists mold & mildew growth.


Stone Coated Steel Roofing
 Why an Enviro-Roof?
It’s the SMART Steel Choice.
It’s the RIGHT Steel Choice.
It’s the ONLY Steel Choice.

Reliability, Quality and Innovation
The design focus is on simple, functional products that provide fast install times and an aesthetic look to suit any architecture.

STEEL— Highly corrosion-resistant AZ-50 Galvalume® steel coated with specially prepared & treated with proprietary primer to enhance acrylic adhesion.BASECOAT— Proprietary special formulation developed by the world’s largest resin supplier to promote long-life performance in all climates.STONE CHIP— Finely graded, non-oiled, natural granite granules that enhance adhesion and provide the tightest granite stone coat matrix on the market today.ACCESSORY DESIGN— Stone-coated ventilator panels fully integrated into the roof field with no need for special flashing. Stone-coated 3-in-1 type vent pipe flashings with self-sealing rubber gasket and aluminum base. Stone-coated and soon-to-be-released vent pipe sleeve cover to perfectly finish pipe penetrations.Eave Riser Metals and Rake Channels that incorporate the unique “Locator-Lip” for easy positioning and installer error-free installation.WARRANTY — Every roof is backed with a 50-year  warrantythat has unlimited transferability to subsequent owners — a major plus in today’s housing market. We take pride in our products and it shows.

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