Features Advantages Benefits

Feature 1: Strength
Insulated Precast Concrete is MUCH Stronger than Conventional Construction.


  • Wind Resistant to 250 MPH- Rated at 400 MPH.
  • Earthquake Rated D-2


  • Insurance Savings OF 50% or More.
  • Structure is Hurricane and Tornado and Earthquake Resistant.

Feature 2: Superior Energy Efficiency


  • 67% more Energy Efficient than Conventionally Built Structures.
  • That’s a 52% better rating than ENERGY STAR’s Standards of 15%.
  • R-Value of Walls  19
  • R-Value of Roof    34
  • UR Rating (air infiltration)  0.2


  • Tremendous Savings on Energy Costs
  • Most Energy Efficient Structure Built Today


Feature 3: Affordability and Virtually No Outside Maintenance


  • Lifetime Warranty on Wall System.
  • 50 year Warranty on Roof System.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Enviro Exterior Coating
  • 67% Savings on Energy Costs
  • Fire Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • No Mold
  • No Termites
  • Never Paint Exterior Again- Rubber Ceramic Polymer Paint
  • Property Insurance Savings of 50% or More


  • All the Advantages, Equate to Future Savings on Related Structure Maintenance
  • Savings on Insurance puts more Money in Owners Pocket Annually.
  • Lowest Maintenance Costs on a Structure Today

Feature 4: Superior Construction

  • Fully Integrated and Fully Engineered.
  • Concrete continues to strengthen (Cure) for 100 years. Wood Structures begin to deteriorate beginning day 1.
  • Home has a Continuous Running Footer for a stable, level, square building.
  • Wall System Installs quickly and easily, most can be done in one day.
  • More durable than real masonry – no mortar joints to let water in.
  • Enables 60% Faster Build Times.
  • Wall System not affected by weather or labor shortages.
  • Build ability-enclosure of dry envelope enables trades to start sooner.
  • Superior Life Span of any Structure.
  • Structural Efficiency
  • Flexibility in use
  • Optimum use of Materials
  • Quality Lifetime Materials in Use
  • Strict Controls Protect the Integrity of Our Building Process
  • Safer… and Safer to Build With…


  • A Stronger and Safer Structure is being Built.
  • A Square Building enables more Accuracy on Interior of the Structure.
  • Addresses on-site skill shortage and reduces labor cost by 50% over a Conventional built crew.
  • Adaptability to Environment
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Reduced Labor Costs.

Functions of the EnviroBuilt Insulated Concrete Wall System

  • Resists Wind Forces to 250 MPH, rated to 400 MPH
  • Keeps Water Out
  • Prevent’s Air Leakage
  • Controls Light   
  • Controls Heat
  • Controls Conduction
  • Controls Sound, 84% More Quiet than Conventional Construction.
  • Controls Water Vapor
  • Adjusts to Movement
  • Thermal & Moisture Expansion and Contraction
  • Fire Resistant: Fire Can Not Penetrate outside to inside.
  • Weathers Gracefully
  • Less Impact on the Environment, During and After Construction.

What Conventional Construction Can Not Claim,

But EnviroBuilt Insulated Precast Concrete Can.

  • Structural Efficiency
  • Flexibility in use
  • Optimum use of Materials
  • Speed of Construction
  • Quality Lifetime Materials in Use
  • Adaptability to Environment
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Strict Controls Protect the Integrity of Our Building Process

By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment, typically referred to as a precast plant, the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees.

  • Utilizing a Precast Concrete System offers many potential advantages over site casting of concrete. The production process for Precast Concrete is performed on ground level which helps with safety throughout a project. 
  • Greater Quality Control of materials and workmanship are present in a precast plant rather than a construction site. Financially, the forms used in a precast plant may be reused hundreds to thousands of times before being replaced. Which allows cost of form work per unit to be lower than for site-cast production.

The EnviroBuilt System Advantage


  • EnviroBuilt Systems’ special 5,500+ psi concrete mix is moisture resistant. Because additional damp-proofing is not required, this can help you save both time and money. With the specified crushed stone footing and perimeter drain, water will be directed away from your foundation, helping to keep the Building dry.
  • With patented technologies and superior manufacturing methods, our Wall Systems are the very finest in the world and guaranteed for Life.
  • OUR foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in high energy efficiency to help you reduce energy costs.
  • Our Insulated Walls have galvanized steel stud nailers built into the concrete studs so you can easily increase the amount of insulation without any need to install additional framing.
  • The Building Industry’s Leaders are building today’s Commercial Structures with ENVIROBUILT BUILDING SYSTEMS.
  • Certified trained crews install our superior systems typically in a few days, in virtually any weather.
  • Our builder’s can save valuable time building with the dry, warm, smart, superior solution.
  • ENVIROBUILT Systems are created in a controlled factory environment to ensure that the Insulated Wall System and foundation will be built to the industry’s highest standards.
  • The concrete is reinforced with steel rebar, making it stronger than traditional Wall Systems and Foundations, and can be customized to nearly any architecture, providing you with a maximum of Design Flexibility.
  • Pre-casting of Concrete has great potential to respond to new market greener, safer and more efficient Building Ownership demands. Possible solutions not only within the classical advantages related to working conditions, technology & speed of construction, and also in new developments of materials such as high performance & self-compacting concrete.
  • The overall product and construction have a place in this new economy, to withstand both environmental and economic disasters.

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