Insulated Precast Wall System

Insulated Precast Concrete Walls

Precast Walls are used for internal & external walls. Precast Insulated Wall Systems are mostly used in domestic construction, both for individual housing & for apartments. The solution can be considered as being industrialized from of cast in-place walls or classical brick or block masonry walls. The precast walls can be load bearing or only partition walls. Precast walls offer the advantage of speed of construction, smooth surface finishing, acoustic insulation, also water, wind & fire resistance.      The EnviroBuilt Insulated Wall System brings the strength and Energy Efficiency of a superior wall foundation to your building applications. Precast concrete insulated wall panels are specifically designed for use above grade, and when used in conjunction with Xi, R-5, and foundation panels, are part of a complete wall system building solution.

Whereas conventional wall construction with block and wood framing can take weeks, the EnviroBuilt  Systems INSULATED Walls can typically be installed in just hours. The Insulated Wall Panels are Pre-Engineered and Custom manufactured off-site and delivered directly to your jobsite for installation right on time.