Commercial Construction


We Sell, Manufacture and Install…

The Strongest, Most Energy Efficient Building Envelopes in the U.S.,  

      with a Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

          “OUR” Finished Structures have the Lowest Maintenance Cost

         & Lowest Building Insurance Cost of any Building in the U.S.

“Our” Systems are Fully Integrated and Structurally Engineered to 10 Stories. 


Superior Construction

The EnviroBuilt Commercial Building System is the best solution. We offer unmatched builder benefits for the most competitive system available today. Precast insulated concrete wall panels are dimensionally accurate and install quickly to form a Strong, Energy Efficient Structure for all Commercial Building types.

EnviroBuilt Commercial Building Systems provides services Nationwide, with      Pre-Cast Concrete Plants located throughout the United States, and provides professional Design and Build Construction Management, of Commercial and Residential Concrete Building Systems.

We deliver a wide range of Project Services for Commercial and Residential Building needs. We specialize in Insulated Pre-cast Concrete Walls of the highest quality, on a schedule that will not be compromised.  By working with our own staff and hand chosen Professional Craftsmen, we control costs and time spent on each and every project.

EnviroBuilt Building Systems, leads the way in providing value-added Pre-Cast Concrete Green Construction Services to our customers, by creating trust throughout the construction process.

EnviroBuilt works tirelessly to meet our customer’s needs, not only today, but for the future, by building Superior, Strong, Safe, Energy Efficient Beautiful Buildings.


We establish a direct relationship with each and every customer, we have built a performance driven process that provides cost effective construction services, improved job site productivity through effective Quality and Cost and Scheduling controls. We utilize the latest technologies to maintain a safe workplace for all our associates. Our Goal is to build the Strongest, Safest and Most Energy Efficient Buildings in America, at the same price as Traditional Construction Methods.

EnviroBuilt Systems believes that by continually updating the latest construction technologies available in the industry; we will adapt and develop our product and its efficiency to directly benefit our customers. We provide advice to meet their specific needs, whatever they may be.

EnviroBuilt Systems provides the Safest and Most Energy Efficient Structures that money can buy.  Our passion and perspective, guides everything we do. The products we will use to build your future home, will forever dictate the cost to operate and insure it will hold its’ value over time.

EnviroBuilt Systems, will coordinate complete Construction Service, by balancing the relationships between cost, quality and project scheduling. We Custom tailor our Project Services according to each client’s individual needs.

We specialize in Fully Integrated, Fully Engineered, Insulated Pre-Cast Concrete Projects of Superior Quality, on a Schedule that will not be compromised.

Why Build with a EnviroBuilt Commercial System?
  • Cost No More to Build than Conventionally Built Structures.
  • Hurricane- Wind Resistant to 250 MPH, rated at 400 MPH.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Wall System..
  • 50 Year Warranty on Roofing System.
  • 60% Faster Build Time than Conventional Built.
  • Coating Reduces 70% of the Sun’s Light against the Structure..
  • Never Paint Again.
  • Waterproof, Termite and Mold Resistant.
  • Fire Resistant- Fire Can Not Penetrate from the Outside to the Inside of the Structure..
  • More flexible in Design Ability.
  • 67% less Cooling and Heating Costs.
  • Dramatic Reduction in Building Insurance up to 70%.
  • Pre-Insulated Wall Panels.
  • Holes for Wiring and Plumbing.
  • Superior Energy Code Performance.
  • Superior Green and Efficient Design.

EnviroBuilt Building Systems:

·         Are Fully Integrated and Fully Engineered
·         Fully Structural and Engineered to 10 Stories
·         No Engineering Costs
·         Have Superior Long Term Sustainability
·         Have Superior Durability and Strength
·         Are easily accessible to CAD details
·         Provide State-of-the-Art Design Drawings
·         Maintain Quality Controlled Manufacturing
·         Provide Certified Installation
·         Our UR rating (air) .2
·         R19 walls, R34 Roof- Over all, 67% Energy Reduction
·         Earth Quake rated D-2
The EnviroBuilt Insulated Wall System,  Is the Superior Building Solution, for all Commercial Builders, Developers, Architects and Engineers.   

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