Precast Floor and Frame

 Precast Floor Shelf

  • The principle advantages of Precast Floor Shelf are speed of construction.
  • Absence of scaffolding, large variety of types, large span capacity, & economy.
  • Totally Precast Floor Shelf are composed of a concrete shelf and wood to fasten the truss, which are totally cast at the plant.

Precast Concrete Frame

  • Precast Concrete Frames involve an entire structure being fabricated off-site.
  • Structural Components can be supplied for incorporation into a structure on-site.
  • Frames can simultaneously achieve both structural and decorative design requirements in a wide variety¬† of mixes, colors and finishes.
  • Architecturally-finished precast structures can be left exposed to exploit concrete’s high thermal capacity in a building’s “green” energy management system.

The Process

  • Precast Concrete Frames are cast in the same way as precast concrete cladding, but as they are designed as structural elements that have heavier reinforcement than is required for non-structural cladding.
  • Elegant Connections are required between columns and beams to transfer considerable forces without adversely affecting the visual appearance of the frame.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Frames

  • Enable 60% Faster Build Times -not affected by weather or labor shortages.
  • Improve Build Ability- structure is fabricated off- site for rapid erection on-site
  • Produces a High Standard of Workmanship in Factory Conditions – reduces potential for accidents and addresses on-site skill shortage.
  • Has a High Quality Finish that can be left exposed – concrete’s thermal properties can be exploited in low-energy buildings